A New Normal – an unprecedented time

Life has been turned upside down. Who knew what ringing the New Year in had in store for 2020. April 30, Dr Bonni Henry noted the 100th day since BC began warning that a novel corona virus may pose a threat and action was necessary.

I am a contract clinical counsellor and my last day in remote community was March 12, 2020. I left the community with every intention of returning after a few days off because my daughter would be in town visiting. The novel Coronavirus was beginning to gather much attention but we had no idea what was to come. Almost two months later I have not returned and my learning curve for new apps and ways of offering counselling has been steep.

Private practise, over the last ten years has taught me many things. People, are faced unexpectedly with difficulties and at times need a helping hand to work through them. Things that happen to us may not appear to bother us at the time but later can create difficulties for us. It may feel like we have no one to lean on even when people offer support. When we acknowledge that we are body, soul and spirit and all are equally important we will experience improved mental health.

We will never forget what has been coined CoVid 19. It has changed the world in ways yet to be realized. Anxiety is at an all time high everywhere. Income has stopped, companies have laid off employees who thought their jobs where secure. People who where healthy have died alone in hospitals while their families have said their good byes over FaceTime.

Recently I’ve heard people say they are not afraid of CoVid19 and then hesitate when entering an establishment that hasn’t yet limited the number of people entering at one time. We have been given strict instructions to wash our hands, stay 6 ft apart. When this isn’t happening you see people’s nervousness. Dr Bonni Henry said yesterday few faces, wide spaces is to be our goal for now.

Loneliness is at an all time hight. We may not be recognizing supports we are getting, or it may not be the support we are looking for, or it may not be who we are looking for support from. We may not know what we are looking for and as a result not even be able to tell others what we need. We may not want to show our vulnerability or we may not be able to trust and as a result feel isolated.

Our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are all connected. When we honour all three we will see wholeness versus fragmentation. We are not just what we think. We are not just how we feel or what emotion we display. Nor are we just our actions or behaviours. There is so much to learn. Let’s continue to explore.

I am developing an online anxiety course that you can register for. It is 6 hours and will be available for groups or individuals. It can be taken over 6 weeks or if you chose a different pace we can tailor make it individually. Counselling appointments will be available so I can support you along the way.

Let’s connect!

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