It is well with my soul!

What a day!

It started with an in office, face to face counselling appointment. I am so grateful to be returning to my home office and offering support and education concerning people’s mental well being. I then spent 90 minutes journalling, meditating and looking for direction for the future. It felt so good, and I don’t know why I am so surprised but answers and direction came.

I have an accountability group who have been telling me to wait, to rest. Are they crazy, my practise and finances have crashed, (not enough to apply for CERB) it feels urgent? I decided after my time of seeking for answers a nap would be a well needed reward and an indication of resting, I even added a soak in the tub, a bath bomb and quiet relaxing music. WHAT, in the middle of a Friday afternoon and YES I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle another giant!

In the beginning of April I decided that I would create an online counselling practice and reopen my Campbell River practise. My work has been exclusively remote for the last year but with COVID19 shutting the world down everyone has had to make adjustments. It has been a steep learning curve with Zoom group calls, (saving recordings for students to view who missed the group), creating Facebook groups, creating teaching videos, posting on You tube, advertising on Instagram. I’ve even learned how to wirelessly use scan on my printer and program fax numbers!

There are many barriers/giants! I am so thankful to the 5 people who have agreed to participate in my first online counselling course “Anxiety, a new normal after a world of COVID19”. We have successfully completed 3 of 6 sessions. I will be offering it again in June, let me know if you are interested. Some of the topics included in the discussion is breathing and relaxation techniques, Somatic – how the body sends messages, Cognitive Behaviour, managing anxiety.

I have been reinstated for EAP work (you may have counselling available through your employer or insurance company and I may be one of the counsellors you can chose to see) and been recruited by new companies. I am working on updating my website, advertising counselling groups, support groups, and one on one/ family/ group counselling through Zoom. My website is, my Facebook page is Tyrer Clinical Counselling and my Instagram is Wendy Tyrer. I can easily be reached LET’S CONNECT!

It feels good to be able to enter the province of BC’s restart phase of COVID19. I have signage of how to wash your hands, how to prevent the spread, covering your cough and sneeze. It feels a little offensive but necessary. I have masks and hand sanitizer, an office cleaning regime, COVID19 questionnaire and am social distancing, I think that meets the requirements.

I’m feeling like David, I will slay the giants that tell me I’m not good enough. I have a goal, a target and determination! Watch me go!

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