Isaiah 40:30
wait on the Lord

My friend told me the word for 2020 is wait. Waiting doesn’t really work for me. I am a make it happen kind of girl and I have no control over COVID19. Where does that leave me – kicking dirt, throwing myself down on the floor kicking and crying? Maybe, but when I’m done I’ll still be left to make a decision. I have been considering the benefits of COVID19 and the lessons I need to learn. I have been counselling myself – sound crazy? It feels like I am operating on the AA principles. Stay present focussed, one day at a time and sometimes moment by moment. I am beginning to take a look at the bigger picture. As Dr. Bonni Henry says this is not for forever. Ok, so if that is the case what am I to do in the meantime?

How about you? How are you doing? What are you doing? Are you waiting for the new normal to begin? Are you wondering what it will look like? What is the advice you would give me if I were to talk to you? How are you sleeping, how is your nutrition? Have you incorporated an exercise regime? How are your relationships? What have you been filling your time with?

I would be lying if I were to say these 3 months have been easy for me, they have been difficult. So I have needed to pay close attention to my own mental heath. I have had to check in with my self talk and the messages that play over and over in my head. I have had to make sure I have plans made in advance so I don’t spin like the tazmanian devil. Keep routine/ exercise, discipline.

To occupy myself I have been working on my online counselling practise. I have one more week of my first 6 week online anxiety course/group and am looking forward to offering it again to a group of 6. Let me know if you are interested. I will be offering tips through video that will be just one minute long called Just a Minute- Let me know if you enjoy them. You will find them on my instagram, please add me and like my Tyrer Clinical Counselling business facebook page. Let’s connect!

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