doTERRA Essential Oils & Operation Underground Railroad

O.U.R. RescuedoTerra Hope Blend OUR Rescue One of the many reasons I support doTERRA is because of their Humanitarian Partnerships. Not only are they improving the working and living conditions of the harvesters that produce the oils for their products, but they’re also working towards abolishing child sex trafficking. The doTeERRA Healing Hands Foundation has partnered with O.U.R. Rescue to help remove children that are being trafficked for sex all over the world. Keep reading to learn more about their involvement.

More About O.U.R. Rescue

The program is made up of a combination of former CIA agents, Navy SEALs and Special Ops members, working together to extract helpless children from slavery and sex trafficking. They work with law enforcement officers to ensure this is all done legally and with an additional goal of arresting the offenders. With careful preparation and a detailed plan for extraction, this program not only saves children’s lives, but works with them to recover from this traumatic experience, as well.

Founded in December 2013, the O.U.R. Rescue program has saved many children from sex trafficking. On one particular mission in Latin America, over 24 women were rescued and 5 people arrested. Once the victims are rescued, they are rehabilitated, counselled and assisted with readjusting to the world.

The Hope Blend

O.U.R. Rescue doTerra Essential OilsO.U.R. Rescue is not government funded and relies entirely on donations, which is why I am proud to be a doTERRA member. doTERRA Essential Oils donated over $500,000 in 2016 alone and looks forward to contributing so much more. They even created a Hope Blend oil that was specifically produced for the O.U.R. Rescue foundation. The label on the oil can be peeled back to reveal a list of hotline numbers so that at-risk children can call for help. The Hope Blend was incredibly popular and is now available for individual sale.

With a bright, fresh and sweet aroma, the Hope Blend is often found to uplift one’s mood. All proceeds are donated to O.U.R. Rescue, in the effort to put an end to child sex slavery. No one should have to suffer this unspeakable experience, especially children, and I am proud to support the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation in their partnership with O.U.R. Rescue.

For more information about doTERRA Essential Oils and how they can help you, simply contact me. I’d be happy to discuss the benefits of these oils and explain why you’ll love them, too!

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